Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Garden Pre-Planning Shed Edition

Last year my dad built a pole shed, so he did not need his smallish 10x12 shed for anything. We traded the hubby's computer help for the shed. This ended up in the huge tree cutting, 'pond' filling, and demolition of a small area of our yard. I will end up almost doubling my garden size and have space to start accumulating hand tools and gardening supplies. There was no space in the garage and real shed up by the house. This shed is mine, all mine!

I'm overwhelmed with the thought of organizing my new building. I have no shelving, yet. I have buckets and bins, maybe a few boxes here and there. This will be my new sanctuary so I want it to gradually become my perfect space. My budget is basically $0.00.  I'll be garage saling and Pinteresting to get cheap supplies and fresh ideas.

I hope in the next 1-2 years to talk the hubby into chickens and/or rabbits. I have the space to do it right next to the shed, so we'll see if that happens. I'd also like to build some sort of a lean-to for the southwest side of the shed to start some seeds. This will also be a 1-2 year out project.
Here's a picture of my little shed. The garden would be to the right/northeast. The former 'pond' to the left/southwest.

Here are a few inspirational photos for my shed pre-planning:
I like th eidea of having storage on the doors for lighter tools.
My original thought was to have shelving all the way around the inside. I love this idea of having everything neatly hung on one side.
Velcro ties or even zip ties for over the winter would be handy.
I'll be on the lookout for a used shoe hanger! This idea is great, especially for gloves! I always seem to have one but not the other!
I thought this looked a little like a gun rack... but if I could find the materials to make it, I definitely would!
Another idea for door storage.
With 2 pallets sitting along my flower garden, I know I could make one of these for quick outside storage.
Reusing old hose would also be easy, I have a long hose that is out of commission.
This would be awesome!
Inside storage - sand with oil mixed in to keep tools sharp and rust free.
Eventually, something to help me better seed plan, and harvest plan. All of the ideas and knowledge floating around in my head that I forget when I'm in the garden could be posted on a board!
Smaller storage idea.

For inside the garden, or in my flower garden which is a good distance away. A decorative mailbox with my every day tools would be extremely handy in each garden.

For details and links, see my Pinterest board:

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