Friday, February 25, 2011


I currently have 7-8 pairs of jeans with holes in them that I can't wear to work, church or social events. I also have 5-10 pairs of jeans of Cole's that he has outgrown or have holes in the knees.

I could wear my jeans outside if it weren't -10 but I have 'outside clothes' for gardening and yard work already. So while my worn out jeans have been piling up I've been looking for things to do with them. I have found that garage sales just don't get rid of holy jeans...

I found several patterns (yes, sewing patterns) that I think I'm going to try come one rainy day this spring. There are a ton of ideas online too so if I still have some extra jean material I can still find something fun! Here are links to just a few of the sites:

Rice hot pack:

Funky denim jacket:

Crafty Lunch Sack

Gardening knee pad

Beverage Cozie

53 different ideas!
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