Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ants in my pants! Actually, my eggplants.

My vegetable garden which I planted in less-than-perfect soil (a bit clay heavy) is finally starting to grow. I am the proud over-protective gardener of two tomato plants, two green pepper plants and two eggplants. There were more eggplants... but something ate the rest. I believe the culprit was ants! The two survivors look pretty good, minus a few holes in their leaves where the ants have been feasting. When I first spotted the ants I did a little web research and sprayed the eggplants with a soapy water mix to try and ward them off. Now that they are back, I'm choosing a different list of home remedies. Used coffee grounds (which will double as a fertilizer), Tabasco sauce and cinnamon. Yesterday, after I'd had my cup of coffee, I mixed up my concoction and placed it an inch from the base of each of the eggplants. I'll let you know how it works... or doesn't.
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