Wednesday, June 8, 2011

shop smart: flip & tumble

Sometime around January I decided I had enough of the thin plastic bags at the grocery store (and enough of trying to wrangle my fruits and veggies without a bag). You know the bags. 2 bananas in one bag, 3 plums in one bag, 5 apples in one bag, asparagus in one bag... It really defeats the purpose of my reusable grocery bags!  So January I switched to reusable mesh bags.

The first time through the grocery store line I watched the young man behind the register, with a confused look, start taking my fruit out of the bags.  I explained, in small words, that he didn't have to take everything out. He told me he didn't want me to get charged for the weight of the bag. Ha! I told him it was fine, I didn't mind the extra $.01 per bag, if anything. The bags shouldn't weigh any more than the plastic bags.

I use them all the time now. The only other place I have seen them used is at Harmony Foods Coop.  I am disappointed that almost every time I go through the retail-grocery line the cashier tells me they haven't seen the reusable produce bags before. I can only imagine how many bags I've used myself over the last 10+ years. Multiply that by the people that grocery shop twice per month. I'm not a mathematician but to me that sounds like way too many bags!

I bought my bags at Target (I don't remember the brand) and they have since quit selling them locally and online. I had to look online to find similar bags and ended up finding a brand that sells more than just the produce bags. And cute bags they are!  The flip & tumble brand sells thin, durable, functional bags that can be used for everything from grocery shopping to everyday use.

24-7 Bags

Produce Bags
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