Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Two thing to vent. Then I'm done.

1) Last night I left out my little herbs, the thyme and basil. I have had problems with these two. The seeds are barely sprouted and I don't have a spot big enough for the box I'm using to grow them in that sits in direct sunlight. I put them in the sun when I got home last night and forgot them, outside. And there was frost this morning so the temp was in the 30's. I brought the herbs inside and it is currently sitting in the bathroom on the sink where it should have had a couple hours of direct sunlight. Frustrated that I forgot them outside...hopefully I didn't kill what had started! Grrrr...

2) Project 5 will take me much longer than previously planned. Started digging out 1... I repeat 1 tree stump/root system last night and I was out there for 1 1/2 hours! The one tree had roots which crossed with more roots which twisted around other roots... The tree and root won last night, I was defeated.  I will get the root out tonight even if it is dark when I finish, ha! I also came across 3 rocks, all pretty small. However, I have only been out one night with the shovel and have so much more to dig!

Must. Learn. Patience.
*Deep breath
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