Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soil Testing?

Because I am new to having my own garden I constantly have questions, lots and lots. For some questions I seek Google. For other questions I call my grandma or aunt. For different questions I ask the father-in-law. Sometimes I get questions answered by other gardening friends. Every once in a while I even figure things out on my own!

Tonight I started wondering about my soil.  Here's what went through my gigantic brain...
What is in it?
What does it need?
What should be in it?
What needs to be added?
What was on top of, in, or around my soil before it was mine?
Can I do anything to make it 'better'?
How can I find out what it needs?

Then, the light bulb. I remember someone (I think my grandma) telling me about soil testing through the U of M Extension office. Sure enough I found the paperwork I needed to send in a sample. It all seems easy enough and the cost really could be worth the results.  I just don't know if I have to do this to make my garden more efficient. Of course if I don't know what it needs or what it is lacking how can I make it the most efficient it can be?  Seriously, gardening is almost more work and worry than a newborn!

Now I'm left wondering and looking for any and all feedback I can get... Is it worth the cost to send in a sample? Has anyone else sent in soil samples? What were the results and were they helpful?
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