Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deer, me!

I love-love apple trees. I only have 2 but the deer think they are their trees. So I'm going to either have to set a chair and sit next to my trees all night or figure out a better way to keep the deer away.

Once again there are only a few options to deal with critters. Unfortunately I can't build a fortress around each one until the deer decide to leave them alone. But it is an option.  I had been sprinkling Cayenne pepper or Chili pepper on the leaves and around the base. Unfortunately it has rained twice since the last application and it looks like the deer were at it again last night! There is always the Invisible Fence spray but still not sure.

It's not that the deer don't have any food either, we live in the woods, in Northern Minnesota and there are thousands of flowers, plants and trees blooming at the moment.  I went out and sprinkled again and will put up a picture this weekend of what my poor, sad little trees look like naked.  Needless to say I am looking forward to October when everyone up in this neck of the woods are hunting deer. ;)

Realistically, we will probably end up putting small fencing around the trees and some extra organic mulch.  Will have to wait until next for apples I guess, bring on spring 2012!
A little terror on hooves!

Don't be fooled by the cute little face! That's a vicious apple-blossom-eater!

The family of culprits!

(Okay fine, I love the deer... I just wish they didn't love my apple trees!)

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