Monday, August 15, 2011


While eating dinner outside tonight Jeremy noticed something different in one of the trees. We have lots of trees so I didn't notice it right away, but once he pointed it out I wondered how I could have missed it. Some sort of a new nest of pets in the yard! We decided we need to buy binoculars, maybe at Christmas time... Instead we grabbed the camera with the long lens.  Looks like we have a very large paper wasp nest in our tree. Eeek! (was my initial reaction) 

After some research here and here I am less annoyed that the wasps picked our yard to build their nest. It's pretty cool to look at the close up pictures, how delicate but strong their little structures are. Also, I haven't even seen a wasp in our yard all summer so I don't feel like they are a threat to us. From what I read, it sounds like they help with pollination and pest control, so I guess we'll keep them around. I'll just watch the trees closer next summer so I am aware of where they are nesting.

Can you spot it!?
Look closer....
Here it is! It is built right through the branch, possibly to hold it up better against wind.
From what I read, the wasps won't nest here again next year.
So I'm hoping at some point it falls down... softly, so we can get a closer look.

Here is our Mason Bee house. My sister gave me this last year and we had some find it! The holes used were completely covered over a week or so ago. I can only assume whatever was laid in the house hatched but I need to do some more reading on these little fellas too.

So far, the best information I have been able to get on, well, everything is from The University of Minnesota Extension Department. Great Minnesota information that is easy to read and understand. Considering I'm new to the garden and forest in my backyard, I can use all the help I can get!

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