Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feeling 'Winey'

After a very long week, tonight I was feeling 'winey'. Over the past 2 weeks I have had 3 days of training for work, finished baseball with son for the summer, started football for the fall with him, attended school meetings, bought school supplies, moved heavy wood furniture with my mom and hubs and finished the book "Sarah's Key".  I had a need to be 'winey'.

I love trying new brands of wine. Even if I dislike the taste. I love the experience of trying something new, for myself, no one else.

In July, my friend Sara recommended Bota Box wine to me. I had never heard of the brand, wine, nothing. Tonight, I made an extra trip 'back to town' (aka: 3 miles away) to pick up something nice for the hubs and a much needed bottle for me.

I have vaguely read about the different wineries that are known for organic or eco-friendly wine. I wish to try them all. Any company, large or small that is trying to make a difference is worth investing in... in my own opinion. That was when I had an 'ah ha' moment. I saw the Bota Box selections. For my first wine I picked the Pinot Grigio. I. Love. It.

I love the taste and flavor, the orange and tan box, and the recycleable imprint on the top right corner.  I just knew I had to look into this.  I found the company online and read this:

Bota Box not only has a new, more natural look, but is environmentally friendly too! According to recent studies, Premium Bag-In-Box wines use 85% less landfill waste than traditional glass packages and has a smaller carbon footprint as well. Bota Box takes it one step further to ensure that the box is not only recyclable, but that the manufacturing of the box is green.

Bota Box is printed on recycled paper containing 100% post-consumer fiber.
The box is 100% recyclable.
We now print directly on Kraft paper which doesn't need to be bleached like white paper.
The paper layers are bonded together with cornstarch instead of glue.
All inks and coatings are soy based instead of petroleum based.
The bag does not contain phthalate plasticizers or Bisphenol-A (BPA).

So whether you like red or white wine, when you choose Bota Box it doesn't matter because they are both green!

I love the wine and the box. I also am happy that I am supporting a company that consciously decided to change the norms and make a difference. So I ask you, what company have you switched to that makes a difference, large or small?
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