Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Gardening Sisters!

In response to Shannon's blog... I've been inspired to count my gardening projects as well. Call me a copycat or a competitive gardener... either way, I hope both our yards will reap the benefits. So I'm "Shannon's Little Sister" also known as Tara - the long lost sister who has settled down for a while in Maryland (just outside Washington DC). We recently moved to a house that had a garden left in shambles, so though it seems there is some good stuff I'm struggling to figure out what is the good stuff and what are weeds, what can be saved and what are lost causes. So for my first "guest blog" here's my first list of 10 tasks:

1. Dig up 1/2 flower garden that gets good sunlight (to be called the veggie garden going forward)

2. Save daffodils and two bulbed plants (may be weeds...) and replant in the front flower beds

3. Cultivate "stir" garden adding new top soil

4. Plant tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant and dying carrots, onions and jalapeno just in case - also transplant the random onions I found growing in my front and side flower beds (we'll call these "yard onions")

5. Slightly "rabbit proof" the veggie garden with a fence and a hanging bar of Irish Spring soap(supposedly a rabbit deterrent)

6. Trick the neighborhood boys into digging up another 1/4 of the good sunlight garden so that I can plant my "freecycle" edibles I bid on :-). Teach boys how to "catch and release" worms, when weeding the top layer as well (lots of good worms live here I don't want to lose any). The help of Tonka trucks was appreciated by all.

7. Pick up and plant free spearmint, garlic chives and Egyptian walking onions into the veggie garden

Egyptian Walking Onion, Spearmint and Garlic Chives
8. Celebrate mother's day by receiving Trader Joe's grilling herbs from my hubby and daughter (thanks Josh and Delia)

9. Rearrange flower bed to make room for an herb plot within it. Transplant some unknown plants and move some unknown bulbs (this project will reappear as there is much needed renovation in the front flower beds).

10. Separate oregano, thyme and rosemary - then plant! Trim later in the week so we can use them fresh and encourage new growth - yum.


On deck... get better pictures for this blog, weed, fish emulsion fertilizing, renovate flower beds, cultivate, compost... we should be busy all summer!
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