Sunday, August 28, 2011


Nothing compared to the east coast and Hurricane Irene, but man was it windy on Friday!

I lost a favorite focal point in the yard because of the wind. I decided when we bought the house 2 years ago that this dead tree would not be cut down. I loved the character, coloring and shape of this old guy.  The wind had a different idea and thought it would be great if this tree was pushed over onto my garden, namely my lettuce and dill. So good bye old tree, we will be enjoying you in our campfire for the remainder of the summer and into the fall.

 Sorry to all the displaced ants (thousands were crawling around and inside the tree!!), bugs, and other critters who lost their home in this terribly tragic wind-accident...
The Tree

Ate dinner outside and didn't notice this until we were done. Opps!

Bent my fencing and landed into the garden.

The critters seized the opportunity and nibbled at a zucchini while the fence was down. So I threw it into the woods to let them finish their snack. The fence bounced back and was set back up on Friday night.
Poor, poor lettuce. Some survived, just covered in saw dust!

The crime scene.

All cleaned up!

Campfire wood! Note the huge hole in the one piece! That was the bottom chunk, no wonder it didn't fall over sooner! I am grateful that no one was out there when it fell, dangerous...

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