Sunday, June 12, 2011


This is our male fox, we have even named him. Patches. He's missing a small patch of fur on his upper left shoulder behind his neck. I took a ton of photos tonight and we're guessing he either had a tick or something there. He didn't have it this winter, just the last couple months.

But man, is he a handsome devil or what?!

We're not in the habit of feeding all the wild animals just because they are that, wild. We feed the birds enough so they stay in the yard but not enough so they are completely dependent on us. We don't feed the deer (except when they eat my apple trees).  However, Patches and his mate have pulled on our heartstrings. So every once in a while, just before dusk we put out bones or meat, even bread that has been in the fridge too long. I assume they rummage through the compost pile too since we don't have it fenced off or covered. We are guessing they have a den on our property. We see them pick up the food and trot off to the north, returning within minutes. It's just awesome.


Patches and his mate eat dropped sunflower seeds from the bird feeders.

A little skittish with the feeders though!


Ick. That one had bird poo on it!

Our Patches

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