Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beer for my Lettuce

Friday I picked lettuce out of the garden and stored it in the fridge and guess what I found stuck to the inside of the container?! A little pinkish slug. Ick!!  Blech!! Yuck!! I washed it down the sink and the proceeded to carefully wash my pre-washed lettuce. I picked a big bowl of lettuce last night to try to thin out my lettuce (planted too close, my fault) and also very carefully washed the new batch. Found one more slug. That went with its little slug-friend to slug heaven down the drain. 

Um... ick!
I hadn't even had time to look up home remedies for this when it was recommended to me by a friend to put a cup of beer out by the lettuce. Supposedly the slugs are attracted to the beer (much like the human bar fly) and will drown. I figured I'd give it a shot!

It is raining out so I didn't get a picture, but what I did was so simple. I reused a whipped cream container and lid. I cut a hole along the side (approx. 3 inches long), filled it with almost a full beer, Summer Shandy for anyone curious, put the lid on and set it out by the lettuce. I don't know how much rain we are supposed to get so I figured the lid was needed.

I'll re-post about this if it works! 

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