Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dog Repellent

I love dogs.
I do not love poop.
We do not have a dog yet so realistically we should not have dog poop in my yard. Right?!
Wrong...the neighbor dog sees it differently.
We have an amazing yard of thick, plush, green grass. It's no wonder he wants to relieve himself in our yard! But it's not just on the grass, it's on the snow... in our yard. And if the snow is too high the driveway seems to suit him perfectly fine.
We plan on creating a large garden this year and I would also like to keep deer, raccoons, skunks etc. out of this area. So, the neighbor dog and any other wandering dogs or critters, will have a bit of a surprise this spring. I have found organic repellents that will only irritate and not harm the animals, and product that should help keep my yard poo-free!
Now, for the snow to melt so I can see if these actually work...
Natural and Homemade:
One of the most common and effective dog repellents. It is commonly found in commercial organic dog repellents. The capsicum in the pepper will irritate the skin of the dog, especially around the nose. The irritation will deter the dog from returning to the area. Chili pepper powder sprinkled around the are will help repel all dogs.
Dogs are not fond of the smell of ammonia. Place ammonia soaked cotton balls around the area you wish to keep the dog out of. Do not pour ammonia directly onto the ground as it may hurt plants and grass.
Vinegar is another strong smelling scent that will act as a repellent to dogs. Again, use cotton balls soaked in vinegar in the area you wish to keep dogs out of. Do not pour vinegar straight onto the ground as it will kill the plants.
Another strong smelling substance that will repel dogs. Same advice applies here as well. Soak cotton balls in he rubbing alcohol and place them in areas you wish to keep dogs out of.
Some dogs do not like the smell of citrus fruit, such as orange or lemon. If the above strong smelling solutions are too strong smelling try cutting up some citrus fruit and placing them around the garden. Citrus oils may also work.
*Remember to reapply after heavy period of rain which will wash away the powders or liquids and their smells!
For Purchase:

Scram for Dogs(TM) is an excellent repellent and training aid for your pet or for intruding animals. The product will prevent dogs from digging holes in gardens or near fences. It will mask odors hat attract dogs to habitually visited areas for urinating/defecating on lawns, near curbs, around garbage cans and in flower beds.
Provides 600 sq. feet of protection per pound.
Organic formula provides strong, natural repelling power without harming people, pets or the environment.
Scram for Dogs product is exempt from federal EPA pesticide registration under Reg.25(b) of FIFRA.
To Use:
1) Remove existing feces prior to applying.
2) Before applying, turn bag upside down and shake the bag vigorously.
3) Apply by shaking granules in and around the area to be protected. The product should repel dogs immediately and quickly train them to avoid treated areas. If necessary reapply as needed until product is effective and avoidance is demonstrated.
4) Once repelling action is well established, reapply every two or three weeks. Reapply after heavy rains.
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