Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Composting fun!

A while back I compiled lists of compostable material and posted it in a Note on my Facebook. I've decided to do it again! I am getting crazy spring fever now that January is over. I am extremely antsy for spring and summer, gardening and playing outside in the yard and woods. So here's my list of every day things that can be thrown into the compost pile:

paper napkins
freezer-burned vegetables
pet hair
post-it notes
freezer-burned fruit
wood chips
popcorn (and unpopped-popcorn too)
old spices
pine needles
seaweed and kelp
chicken manure
dried/old herbs
bird cage cleanings
paper towels
brewery wastes
grass clippings
potato peelings
rabbit manure
hair clippings
stale bread (i prefer mine to go to the birds)
coffee grounds
wood ashes
tea bags and grounds
shredded newspaper
egg shells
cow manure
grapefruit rinds
pea vines
house and outdoor plant trimmings
old pasta (uncooked)
garden soil
corncobs (take a long time to decompose)
aquarium plants
beet waste
shredded comics
felt waste
wheat straw
peat moss
tree bark
flower petals
pumpkin seeds
q-tips (with cardboard sticks)
flower arrangements
elmer's glue
fish skin
citrus waste
stale potato chips
rhubarb stems and leaves
tobacco wastes
hog manure
*dried jellyfish (had to put it in;)
guinea pig cage cleanings
nut shells
cattail reeds
shredded cardboard
cover crops
fish scraps
apple cores
razor trimmings
nail and toenail clippings
shrimp, crab and lobster shells
leather wallets
onion skins
watermelon rinds
date pits
goat manure
olive pits
burned oatmeal
lint from dryer
bread crusts
cooked rice
wine (gone bad)
banana peals
wooden toothpicks
'dust bunnies'
pencil shavings
wool socks
artichoke leaves
leather watch band
tossed salad
brown paper bags
shredded school papers/bills
theater tickets
animal fur
horse manure
vacuum cleaner bag contents
coconut fiber
old or outdated seeds
liquid from canned vegetables and fruit
old beer
wedding bouquets
greeting card envelopes
dead bees and flies
horse hair
dirt and dust from sweeping
ivory soap scraps
spoiled canned fruits and vegetables
produce trimmings
cardboard cereal boxes (shredded)
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