Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I received a catalog in the mail from the Burpee seed and plant company! I have paged through it a number of times already looking for things that I 'need' to plant in my future garden. I need to do a little more research between the raised beds and regular garden. We are out in the woods, with good south sun, but I have no ideas yet of which way to go... So until then I will focus on what sorts of fun things I am going to have!
These are my favorites so far:
Lettuce, Gourtmet Blend Organic
Peppers, Sweet Carnival Mix Organic
Carrot, Kaleidoscope Mix

(aren't they pretty!!??)

Squash, Summer, Sweet Zuc Zucchini Hybrid

Cucumber, Lemon Organic

Pumpkin, Spookie Organic

Tomato, Yellow Pear Organic

Pumpkin, Mini Harvest Blend

Tomato, Little Mama

Squash, Summer, Gadzukes! Zycchini Hybrid

Rhubarb, MacDonald

Dill, Bouquet Organic
Sea Weed, Sea Magic Organic Growth Activator
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