Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Garden Pre-Planning

Even though last night hovered around -40 degrees I can't stop thinking about my garden! My frozen little patch of soil in the back yard completely covered by snow. We expanded the garden last year, taking out trees and clearing way to almost double my garden size. I am going to have to dedicate more time though, last year's garden was a sad excuse for a patch.

I had so many more weeds than normal. My squash didn't grow. My asparagus hardly sprouted. I planted the wrong tomato seeds. My corn was so small it was inedible. I had white mold in my bush beans. Deer ate many of my pole beans. I couldn't find some of my garlic and onions. My pumpkins didn't grow. I received 1 jalapeno from 4 plants, no bell peppers. At the end of the season, my zucchini rotted before I could freeze it, my pole beans molded before they could be dried, and my tomatoes rotted in the box they were ripening in.

I, and my garden, were a mess.

I think I might have more ideas than time for next year. I'm going to stop trying to get fancy with my garden and get back to the basics.

Some things I need to remember, especially for June:

* Proper spacing (hence the white mold in the bush beans)
* Companion planting and/or move a few things around
* Proper placement of full sunlight and shade plants
* Place potted veggies closer to the house or in shade to prevent drying out
* Double check seeds to make sure they are what will work in my space
* Better marking for rows, patches, and randomly planted ground cover plants
* Learn plant identification (I think I pull some veggies out and leave some weeds in at the beginning) of each year
From the fence, going left ,almost to the edge of the photo is where my 'big-girl garden' will extend.

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