Saturday, January 18, 2014

More trees? Yes, please!!

It is that time of year again! When Beltrami County posts the tree order form and I get creative when thinking of new places I could plant successful little tree-lings throughout my yard.

I didn't plant anything new last year. We didn't know what we were doing with the pond or garden, I didn't know how much time I would have devote myself to watering, and I was already overwhelmed with tending to my gardens with an infant. This summer will be about the same, but Logan can be outside more often with us this year, and he takes by himself now!

My future trees:
American Plum. We planted five trees, 2 springs ago, and only two survived.  I would love to make plum jam (probably not until I'm retired!). I also love the little white flowers on these trees, they would do wonders for attracting bird.

Lilac. Planted fifteen, 2 springs ago, and only one died! I want to have more to fill in the driveway area, so that in a few more years we have a hedge and don't see the road.
Sandbar Willow. I have a perfect spot near our old pond that still holds water. I think these would be amazing as a filler plant.

Rugosa Rose. I love these flowers, they will be planted near large rocks that line to the hills to our walkout basement.

The trees come in bunches of 5. I'll order one bunch of each, except lilac will be 15. I think this will be it for this year!
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