Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pinterest Weekend Project - flower stand

My Pinterest Tuesday is changing to 'Pinterest Weekend Project' because I really don't have time to do many... so when I have time it will take me all weekend! The husband had the baby today for a few hours inside and I made the most of my time alone outside. I got so much done! Only two things to carry on to the week!

My list:
*weed vegetable garden
* mow around outside of garden and to compost pile
*weed whack around flower garden (will be completed Monday)
*finish planting in pots
*wash newly purchased (used) baby swing, play gym, and high chair
*water potted plants
*weed flower garden (will be completed Monday)
*upcycle my newly purchased (used) flower stand
*add mulch to front flower garden

We did some garage saling today and I purchased a flower stand and super cute old footstool/storage thing. I decided to try something from Pinterest and upcycle my flower stand today! The idea I had was similar to this from Pinterest:

To do this (supposedly) you paint the canvas or wood, put stickers over the first coat, paint over the stickers, and when the second coat is dry, remove the stickers and waaahlaaa! You have a cute quote or word on the project.

This did not work for me. And I even took my time!

I love the way it turned out and technically my words are covered anyway so no one would even notice, except me.

This project literally cost me $1 today. I had paint and a brush from a previous project, a tank top rag, spray paint from a Cub Scout derby car and scrapbooking stickers.

My potted plant nook on the front porch looks completely different after today!

My tools.

Originally the letters were supposed to be a dark turquoise color. Next time (if there is a next time) I'll try a different type of stickers. These were foam scrapbooking stickers that I thought would be easier to take off. Turns out I was wrong....

Mid-way done!

I forgot to take a picture of how bad the shelf looked after I took the stickers off and half of the work was dark turquoise and half was brown... UGLY!

I decided to make lemonade. Because the stickers were raised foam there was a little bit of dried paint along the sides of all of the stickers. This made for a really cool textured word instead of a different color. So I painted over the dried paint word and left it. And love it more than the color word.

The flower pot added much added height to my potted plant nook.
Now I must patiently await the flowers, spinach, and fennel to spring forth!


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