Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day of the Turnips

What to do with a box of turnips...

I picked all of my turnips last weekend. There were so many slugs weaved in and out of my precious crop, what's a girl to do!? I threw my turnips in a bucket and the slugs in water. Cruel, yes. Necessary, yes. Will I lose sleep tonight over the nasty slugs, nope!

I scoured Pinterest for ideas for turnips and ultimately decided to blanch and freeze. We used a few of them over the last week for dinner (recipe here), but couldn't use them all soon enough; they were starting to get soft.

My adventure started this afternoon as I peeled and cut all of the turnips. I started the boiling water and by the time I got all of the turnips in the water had probably been boiling for oh... an hour?! Opps, got distracted I guess, too many shiny things in my house, and the baby!  Threw the turnips in and as expected water stops boiling. Wait and wait and wait. No boiling. Check the burner, it's on. Start zucchini chip adventure. Crap! Turnips are still boiling. Throw into cold water and they are all beyond blanched, they are cooked. Oh well. Mark em, bag em up, and freeze up! Done and done!

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