Friday, April 27, 2012

Arbor Day Weekend - Project 22

The planting weekend is finally here. I've been waiting for my trees for months!  On the list of planting for the weekend: 5- Black Walnut, 5- Mountain Ash, 15-Lilacs, and 20+ raspberry bushes.  I had the spots planned out a head of time, and walked around with my husband this weekend to make sure they will all go where I had envisioned. It should all work out perfectly!

The Black Walnut will have to be planted on the edge of our 'forest yard' in order to maximize the sun. I have spots planned for 3-4 of the trees for sure, if I can't find spots for the other 2 they may be given away. We are a little far north for these but I'm hoping we have another mild winter for these until they get used to the winter temps.  It will take 9-10 years to get walnuts on the trees, and the leaves will change color beautifully in the fall which will  wonderful against our mostly Pine and Aspen wood line.

The Mountain Ash will be spread out along the tree line in the backyard. These just might be my favorite tree. I love the color of the berries, and they have beautiful white flowers in the spring.  We feed the bird through the whole year so these trees will be a great addition for the birds.  I have spots for 3 trees planned out, so again, if we have 2 leftovers they will be given away.  Also, the pop of color from the berries will add a lot of depth the our yard.

Then the Lilacs, and who doesn't love Lilacs!? We ordered the most of these because they are going to be planted along our road/driveway.  This will eventually block the view of the neighbors across the street, the cars driving by, and hopefully be a deterrent for the dog that poos in our yard to go somewhere else... or poo in the ditch, I don't really care as long as its not in my yard! We have 15 new Lilacs going in and will grow together for a beautiful barrier.  A separate project for this spring will be to move a huge Lilac because we are building a shed in its current location. That is not this weekend though :) 

Last, we were given raspberry shoots from a neighbor and we are prepping a nice little spot on the edge of the yard (in the woods) facing east. Hopefully the plants will root well and we can get them to thrive over the summer for a harvest next year!

I will post pictures of our new little additions after the weekend! Happy Arbor Day!

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