Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pinterest Addict (I could quit anytime, I just don't want to!)

Hello, my name is Shannon, I'm addicted to Pinterest.
Wow, it felt good to get that off my chest!

Months and months ago I joined Pinterest, completely unaware of the wrath of pinning and scrolling that was about to be unleashed. I know quite a few people who are uninterested in the whole thing, a few that use it for fun, and a few people like me who pin, and pin, and pin, and pin. It would take me years to make or do my pins, I'd gain 100 pounds if I cooked everything on my 'Bite Me' board, and it would cost me thousands of dollars buying the clothes and other useful(less) things I find amazing and intriguing enough to pin.  I've even gotten to the point where I've gone through and deleted a few of my pins because they aren't up to my current (pin)interests.

The greatest part of Pinterest though, is the amazing amount of gardening ideas I have been able to gather (aka hoard, aka pin). There are so many that I'm going to try to feature one per week, starting today!  There have been ideas that I would have never-in-a-million-years thought of. Also, some ideas that I thought would be great, but never had the instructions to go along with my idea. 

If you're on Pinterest, click here for My Garden board.

Tuesday Pinterest Idea:
Container Potatoes and Vertical Gardening Potatoes

I knew of the idea of using raised beds for potatoes. But these two ideas really made me believe in vertical potato growing and small space gardening.  Last year I planted potatoes and they grew well, but small

Idea 1: Layer soil and mulch with potato seeds in a barrel or large container. Treat like you normally would growing any potatoes and at the end of the summer dump out the container for fresh potatoes!


Idea 2: Using chicken wire, or similar product, make a square or circle using stakes. Add a layer of mulch/soil to the structure with the option of adding straw along the sides, which helps to keep everything in.  As you add more mulch/soil, start layering with potato seeds or sprouts. Keeping the straw along the whole structure will help keep in moisture as well as the mulch/soil and potatoes.  At the end of the summer, remove the wire and harvest your potatoes!



Please visit the links attached to the photos to get all the details on how to build a structure.
All three are great websites and have other great information.
I'll post my photos and how I put mine together within the month (or less).
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