Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinterest Tuesday Idea

For this particular Pinterest idea I am going to need to hit a couple garage sales, flea markets, or possibly junk yards. Even though we expanded the garden this year I love the idea of vertical gardening. I love to make the most out of the space I have and not waste an inch. Even if this means growing more than I need, just to give it away to family and friends. 

Last year I didn't plant peas. I thought the soil would be too heavy. I am going to try it this year, and just plant extra in the case that only some of them can grow in our garden. I am going to plant snow peas and shelling peas. I will try this vertical planter for my snow peas and let the shelling peas grow in their bushes.  Here's the idea!


This homemade trellis is as simple as it looks.

2 bike rims
1 metal post
String and wire
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