Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Garlic

Being a newbie to having my own vegetable garden has meant a lot of research, reading, digging, and planning.  I have checked out over 20 books on gardening, herbs, and trees from the library over the past year, looked up tips online, and talked to friends and family to get ideas on the basics. It's so hard to sort everything out!

The latest thing I heard that I just have to try is planting fall garlic. My family loves garlic and I would love to have an endless supply right at my fingertips.

I planted 2 rows of garlic in the spring with the rest of the garden that will be ready by the time frost starts and we have to start the fall tilling.  I'm really excited to find a small patch near my herb garden that will work for planting the garlic. The tips I have found consistent are: planting should take place 3 weeks before frost and layer mulch over top soil. Sound easy enough right?!

Originally, I was extremely skeptical that any type of fall/over the winter gardening would not be possible in Zone 3 but was pleasantly surprised! I found a ton of helpful info the the website: Boundary Garlic Farm. I saved the info and will be ordering garlic this weekend!
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