Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Late Summer To Do List

I don't want to jump the gun talking about fall but realistically in Northern Minnesota it can sneak up on you. I've made a list of a few fall Projects, nothing too big though, have to have them finished before the snow flies!

Project 17: Take down fence and store materials.
* When we put the fence up this spring we weren't able to till the entire space I wanted for the garden. We will have to take down the fencing to do our fall tilling and find a spot to store everything for the winter. Being that we don't have a shed, I may just set the fencing and posts against a couple trees, wrapped in tarps. It's only for the winter and after this it will be up permanently (unless I expand later, ha!)

Project 18: Till!
* We are debating on buying a small tiller or renting the large model again. The larger tiller, once working properly did a great job. We ran out of time and also ran into a large rock so it cut my garden plans short... I am hoping to till out to yard/grass-line. In doing this we will get rid of an area that is still taken over with weeds, not pretty. Still debating on which way but I feel in order to get ahead of the game next spring it needs to be tilled this fall.

Project 19: Trees
* I hate cutting down trees but there are two issues I'm dealing with in my garden. Lack of sunlight and trees falling into the garden (2 so far!)  When we started digging out the weeds, small trees, brush and roots this spring I think we damaged a few of the Aspen that are close to the garden space. We have had one tree fall into the garden, pre-fence, and one currently leaning suspiciously over the garden. I need Jeremy to cut down at least three trees for me after the fencing is removed. Don't worry, we have thousands on our property and the rest are just fine where they are!

Project 20: Tools
* Clean my tools. All of them. The buckets,  rakes, shovels and hand tools all need a bit of cleaning, oiling, tightening, and general upkeep after this first hard summer of gardening. As I do the cleaning I am going to make a 'wish list' of supplies and tools I would like for the next couple years. I don't plan on buying everything I 'need' all at once, there will be a gradual progression of what is needed and what is wanted.

Project 21: New-To-Me Pots!
* I have quite a few terracotta pots. I don't love the color, they are a little plain for my taste. Over the winter I plan on painting the pots. Will post that when I start!

Project 11: Bird Houses
* This project has been started but remains incomplete. I plan on taking off the decorative bird houses off the fence around the flower gardens and painting. I have finished 3 but still have, err maybe 6 or 7? Might have to have the little boy help me with these...

So that's my newest Project list!
There will be more though.... I can guarantee it!
I had to put in a picture... Marigolds - from the old house - Summer 2010

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