Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day clean up 2011!

Tonight the little boy and I walked down our county road and cleaned up garbage!  We walked about 1/2 mile down the road on both sides. It took us 3 trips and 10 grocery bags, 1 bucket and carrying stuff to get everything back to the house. We ended up with one full size garbage can of recycleables (6 of the bags) and 4 bags of non recycleables, 2 car parts an old-old rusty handled bucket and a piece of lumber. Oh, and a sock... not to mention lots of empty cigarette containers (did not pick up the cig-butts) and an empty liter of vodka. 

We made sure we had our gloves on and anything questionable I picked up, not Cole. We had a few broken bottles etc. but for the most part it was beer/pop/energy drink cans and pop bottles.  Not too bad for doing our part this year. Cole was so proud of his 'loot' and by the end of our trips he grew more frustrated with people who litter. Very proud of my liitle guy!

The rain decided to show up during our second trip, and is supposed to continue all night,  so I'm going to make a pot of hot tea tonight and warm up! Happy Earth Day!

Might buy one of these little pick up thingys for next year though, much easier on the back!
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