Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The site I go to when it is rainy and snowy...

So each night, without fail,  I am on the computer a little bit. I am on the computer all day at work so if I can avoid night time computering, I do. But some nights, like the snowy nights, there is just nothing else to do! And why would I wast a night cleaning in April when I can clean my house October through March?! It just is not an option... So the site I go to for my gardening ideas and new tips is:  I usually go to the 'How To Garden' tab and have learned a ton about gardening that would have taken me months or years to figure out on my own. I will be spending the rest of the rainy (or snowy) nights in April and probably the beginning of May digging into the website instead of my gardens. But it is a great alternative!

(Picture taken Summer 2010)
This picture is not as far away as we think!!
Think Spring!
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