Friday, April 1, 2011

Arbor Day ~ April 29th

With Arbor Day a few weeks away I decided to look up a little information on the 'day of trees'.

The Arbor Day Foundation has an very informative website.  I spent a very long time reading and surfing through the site. There is a great amount of information on how to volunteer in your city, state, or even college campus. They detail their programs for kids, rain forest rescue, hazelnut farming, backyard woods program, give-a-tree cards and the links go on and on!

They detail not only the benefits of trees in our national parks and forests but the benefits to our homes, communities, and planet in general. We all think we know just how beneficial trees are, but it never hurts to learn a little more, or relearn, right!?

My family is lucky enough to have our house right in the middle of hundreds of trees, probably closer to thousands... but Arbor Day inspires me to get out and plant a tree not just for me but for everyone who breathes our air. So I'm going to help our planet breathe a little easier, eve if it's only one tree at a time.

**One of my Favorites:  It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown and It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown**

The Arbor Day Foundation has lists or trees for each 'hardiness area'. I picked out a few of my favorites that will grow well in Minnesota:

Bar Harbor Juniper

Bur Oak

Butternut (White Walnut)

Colorado Blue Spruce

White Pine

Red Maple

Paper Birch


White Spruce

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