Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Seedlings

My little seedlings are nestled into their new homes!
My tools: 2 boxes, approx. 24-30 yogurt containers, spade, scissors and tape. I didn't wear the gloves, everything was too small.

These are the Roma tomatos and garlic/chives. I still have to cover these with plastic, just need to find a smaller container. I was too excited to wait any longer to plant!

Temporary set-up.

I put 2-3 seeds in each container because I'm still working on my green thumb (things tend to die) and I wanted to guarantee a better crop.

Here are my Red bell peppers and Summer squash!
I did tape the plastic down for now, but will have to add some water within the next few days.
I only added a tiny bit to each one tonight.

I put the seedlings next to the only window I have that faces south.
Last year I had very quick little sprouts and this is also where my herbs sit during the day. As the weather warms up I will put everything outside on a table during the day.
I'm sure my neighbors will think I'm a bit crazy but I don't mind!

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