Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Every day should be Earth Day!

Well in honor of Earth Day tomorrow I decided to finally start my green, gardening, help-the-environment, upcycling, recycling, earthy-type blog!

Since this past fall I have been saving Cole's and my own yogurt containers. They are recycleable but Beltrami County does not recycle #5. So they have been rinsed out while I do the regular dish washing and saved for the spring! I had a plan to use them as seed starters.

Hopefully this works!

I have learned that you can't plant anything outside in Northern Minnesota before Memorial Day. I still have a lot of time to start my seeds and have everything harvested before the first frost of the fall!

My seed-starters.

This year is the trial run but I'm hoping I can use these again next year.

I poked holes in the bottom of the yogurt containers. I'm not sure this was completely necessary as I won't actually be watering the much. I will be putting plastic wrap over them and leaving it in the sun as a mini green house but I don't want everything to start getting moldy. Thumbtacks worked perfect for this job.

Everything is ready to go!

I purchased Organic seed starter. The idea of using Miracle Grow dirt doesn't sound too appealing, especially when I was picking out the veggies that I'm going to be growing.

So for this year I'm going to try Roma tomatos, Summer squash, Red bell peppers and Chives.

These should be a nice addition to my herb garden I started a few weeks back. Hopefully I can find recipes to use everything! Hopefully my patience will last!
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