Thursday, April 22, 2010

Algoma Park

Last night Cole and I went to the Northern Township park on Algoma Street near our house. We have gone there a hundred times in the last few years and there always seems to be garbage everywhere. Last night however there was broken glass on the basketball court and parking spaces, a tore open garbage bag, cans, plastic bottles in the grass and play sand. So today I wrote a letter to Northern Township asking whose responsibility it was to clean it up and to let them know it was disgusting. I did receive a response, almost right away. They are not responsible for cleaning it up and whoever was living next to it when they built the park agreed to take care of cleaning it up. I have noticed however that many of the neighbors to the park are new. Houses have sold and people have stopped caring. So this weekend Cole and I will put on our gloves, roll up our sleeves, grab our garbage bags and head down to the park. I'm hoping most of it will have been picked up but if not we'll be doing our Earth Day duty at the park.
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