Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stock Take 2: Homemade Turkey Stock


Bingo! We won a turkey before Thanksgiving at the annual St. Philip's Church turkey bingo event. I actually won, twice, on the same card. This is doubly awesome because I rarely win anything. The church ended up giving away 100 turkey's, it was a very fun night.

Let's get started!


December is going to be a very, very busy month so I figured what better time to make a turkey! I baked the 10 lb. turkey last night for 3 hours.  Before baking I 1)stuffed the turkey with onions and garlic 2) rubbed it with a mixture of salt, sugar, thyme, paprika, and pepper 3) brushed melted butter over the turkey 4) put a few splashes of Italian dressing inside the turkey. It still smells awesome in my house. I let the turkey sit over night and completely tore it apart tonight. White meat in one bowl, dark meat in a second bowl, bones for stock in a third bowl, and other 'parts' in a fourth bowl for our 'pet fox'.

Leftovers for the fox.
 The stock I'm making with the turkey bones is very simple again. Even more simple than the pork broth I made this fall.  I picked out the largest bones from the turkey, picked them clean (mostly) and those are what I'm using for the stock.  I plan on using the stock for a soup again but it will be frozen until I have time to make a soup. Homemade stock is good for 1 week in the refrigerator or approximately 6 months if frozen.

So this is it, nothing fancy but oh so tasty!

Turkey Stock:
3-4 quarts water
Turkey bones
(largest bones from 10 lb turkey)
2-3 carrots
1 white onion
4 small garlic
2 tbsp dried parsley

* Add all ingredients to water and bring to a boil.
* Reduce to simmer.
* Simmer 3+ hours.

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