Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is Zucchini Wilt?!

Tonight I had to research zucchini wilt... not so fun. I hope I can catch it in time so the rest of my plants don't suffer the same fate. I noticed I do have quite a few good size zucchini but once I got up-close-and-personal with my plants I saw one that did not look right. It looks deflated, which is common from my Internet-research, and squishy. So I picked it off and threw it in the woods. Looks like my zucchini will be a little more work than I thought, but I love them so it will be worth it!
You can see the bottom zucchini on the plant looks like it is bent in half, this little one is my problem.

Zucchini wilt can be caused by a few different things. Here is what I found and the solutions. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do... maybe try them all?!

Issue 1: Lack of Calcium.
Solution = Add 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt to 1 gallon of water, pour over plants. Repeat once per month. 

Issue 2: Fungus (usually from too much water.)
Solution = Carefully remove flower from plant once  healthy. If there is fungus on the young plant, carefully remove. 

Issue 3: Larvae or squash borers. (in stem)
Solution 1 = Dig out larvae and bury the stem-end.
Solution 2 = Use rotenone pyrethrin dust under the vines. 
Solution 3 = Place foil under the vines to confuse the moths, use shaving cream on the vines to prevent borers from laying eggs on the stems.

Issue 4: Lack of pollination
Solution: Unsure, already have the mason bee house up...
For more tips check out the forums I found with the best info:
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