Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Garden Happenings

So not including the zucchini wilt, I had a great night exploring the vegetable garden and one of the flower gardens. I don't get out there every night so when I do I'm out for a while fixing, weeding, pruning and peeking at everything.  I was happy with almost everything and even brought in some lettuce and onions for the next couple days. The lettuce leaves are smallish but perfect for my lunch sandwiches.
Grape vine in flower garden. These vines are so heavy they needed extra twine. Last year we didn't even realize this was a vine plant it was so small. I cut it back in the fall and here is what we got!

Two plants worth of these to look at tonight ~ Beautiful

I am not sure what these little guys are but they are so bright against all of the green in the yard, love it!

Large potted Roma tomato plants (3)

I tied these back from the metal rings, they were leaning against it too much.

Smaller tomato plant, Roma.

Peppers. Not sure how these will end up. Something was eating them when they were very small. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

So very excited about the potatoes!

Lettuce. Slowly thinning it. This was my first year planting lettuce so they are a little too close but tastes amazing.

Nightly harvest!

Crab apples. We only have 6... darn deer at all of the lower buds!
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