Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gardening Solutions

I was so proud of my vegetable garden a few weeks back, however a few things have already fallen into disarray. I have many very good excuses: baseball games, family visiting, 4th of July, reading, board game playing, etc.

My downfalls: I have really only picked a few smallish weeds since planting. At the moment I have thistle higher than my corn and more weeds sprouting than beans. There's another issue, I don't have anything for the beans to grow up so they are sticking out every which way looking for something to grasp... I decided it would be a great time to purchase 5 small organic herb plants (75% off) from Ace that need to be transferred into the 'herb section' of the garden.  And, my potatoes should have been mounded again last week! So you know what this means?!  New projects!

Project 12 - weed, weed, weed
* Spray down with mosquito spray and prepare to get dirty! The rows between and surrounding garden area all need a good weeding. Unfortunately the weeding of the rows will be of the down-and-dirty variety. I have lots of little weeds and my rows are exactly 'straight'.  The woods behind the garden could use a good raking too, the compost pile is in need of some leafy greens.

Project 13 - beans
* Arrange posts at each end of the bean rows. Add two rows of string along rows, tie tight so the weight of the plants don't pull down the strings.

Project 14 - herbs
* Plant new herbs in small raised bed.

Project 15 - potatoes
* Remound, add compost.
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