Friday, June 3, 2011

Tara's Summer Reading List

For Delia's "10 Month Birthday" we went to the library to check out books yesterday.

Delia in the kids section - she checked out 5 books!
I wanted to find a couple books I'd heard about on NPR (The Unsettling of America and Founding Gardeners). Neither were there... so I made my way over to the gardening section to check out something about composting - as my husband has kindly pointed out that the add-as-you go compost pile my neighbor and I have is... well... not as good as his mother's (which isn't untrue). While there I found three books that would fit for me.

Delia with Momma's library books:

  • The Urban/Suburban Composter: The Comple Guide to Backyard, Balcony, and Apartment Composting By Mark Cullen and Lorraine Johnson

  • The 20-Minute Gardener: The Garden of Your Dreams withoug Giving Up Your Life, Your Job, or Your Sanity By Tom Christopher and Marty Asher

  • Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World By Dan Koeppel
So the composting book seemed to fit perfect. The 20-Minute Gardener book seems like it will be helpful as I head back to grad school in August (and try to maintain my sanity). And the banana book... well... bananas are currently Delia's favorite food - so I thought I'd find out a little more about them if I'm going to let her eat one or two ever day (hey, she's hungry, I better go cut one up).

Additionally, one of my neighbors from across the street recently brought me over a book to borrow. I think it was out of pity after watching me walk around and around my flower gardens trying to figure out what are weeds and what may be perennials. I'm not sure if she just has all the same flowers as me or not, but many of the pages already book marked have pictures of what is actually in my garden.

Delia with Momma's borrowed book:
  • Reader's Digest New Illustrated Guide to Gardening
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