Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bird House Remodeling ~ Project 11

Project 11: The previous owners of the house left us lots of decorative bird houses. The holes in the houses are too small for any birds we have in Northern MN. One bird house was taken down and added to the campfire pile as there were parts left in the ground and were growing moss, not in a artistic or rustic look, just rotting. So the others were left up but need a little love. I only plan on painting or making minor fixes. Some have been weathered just enough, others a little too much.

So here are the before pictures:

Just a little paint for this one.
New red/maroon paint. No newroof, like it the way it is!

Suet feeder needs new screen. Maybe a little paint but not sure, I like the character.
1 of 2 metal bird houses. Maybe a little sanding and painting.

The rusted puppy! Little sanding maybe painting. The face was looking straight at the sky when we moved in, had to pull it down. Lots of sun/weather wear on this one.

Maybe a little paint. Looks pretty good though!

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