Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad weekend for gardening...

So the weekend wasn't what I had planned, at all. Friday I worked in on Project 1, the large flower bed in the rain for 3 hours. (Better than nothing, right?!) This has been a love-hate project for me as it is much more work that I had originally thought! It is really starting to look beautiful. We went to Nature Edge Greenhouse yesterday and bought 2 Columbine, 2 hanging tomato plants because mine are taking a long time to sprout, and a beautiful hanging plants (details on that one later). 

However, the vegetable garden, Project 6, was completely ignored because of the weather. Now that it has taken so long to get it tilled there are thousands of new weeds and grasses growing in the area previously cleared... So now, we probably won't get to til until next weekend. I will still have enough time to get everything planted but like I said before, I am getting antsy... just ask my husband! Ha!

My tools

Mid-project. All of the mulch and most of the weeds are gone for over 1/2 of the garden!
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