Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pickle Juice

My family eats pickles, all three of us which is amazing because Cole hardly eats anything. They are high in sodium but so, so, so good. Mostly store bought dill and some homemade. I have a huge weakness for Claussen pickles... bordering addiction.  I will learn how to make and can my own pickles. It is in my 5 year plan.

The other night, after finishing a jar, Jeremy and I thought of ways we could reuse commercial pickle juice. I had a flashback to my childhood. At our rollerskating rink they sold 'pickle ice cubes', I believe for $.25. Yummo! But, not what we were thinking. It was hard to find ideas that we would find useful but wanted to share our findings just in case someone else is interested!

Reuse pickle juice for:
- Pickled eggs
- Add to homemade rye bread
- Add to potato salad
- Use to clean copper pans (soak sponge in juice)
- Soak thinly sliced onions (fry to use on burgers)
- Pickled cauliflower
- Add a little to marinades
- Soak fresh herbs to add to marinades
- Add to plain salad dressing for a little kick of flavor
- Add to tartar sauce
- Add to mayo for deviled eggs
- Make your own corned beef by saving 2-3 jars of pickle juice, cover a beef brisket with juice. Bake.
- Make pickle ice cubes!
- Drink it (be sure not to drink too much, can easily get your days worth of sodium in a few gulps)
- Add to tuna salad

*Recommendations show to only reuse the juice once.
*Remember -add juice to the compost pile (in doses small enough for your pile).
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