Saturday, August 4, 2012

2012 Garden - Mid-season Project 24

I thought blogging would be as easy this summer as it was last summer. Turns out being pregnant, doing some room remodels, getting Cole to baseball 3 days a week, and working full time does not allow for garden photography or blogging. Bummer!

Here is my garden update:

Walking into the garden.

My garden is approximately 30+ by 30+. It is messy and cluttered and I have way too much planted in each row/section. I cram everything in to see how each grows and to learn more each year
 I love it and it is my sanctuary!

Looking to the left-northwest.

Looking to the right-northeast.
 I have only weeded once prior to today since the end of June (an all day event). It has just been too hot for me to be out on the weekends days and the mosquito's are not kind in the evening we have been home. It is much different this year, I can't squat to weed so I have to literally crawl around on my hands and knees, or sit with my baby-bump constantly in the way. I have to make sure I drink enough water and take breaks.

Today, Cole and I were out in the garden for over 3 hours weeding! My potatoes were in desperate need of space and my walking path was scattered with dead weeds I had attempted to pull during my visits to the garden. He was the best helper. I had to put in him in the pathways because we had an incident in June in which I 'lost' a few onions and garlic due to the little boy helping.  The weather was nice and cool, so we weeded away the morning and after lunch. There are still weeds mixed in with my veggies, but not nearly what was there this morning.

It was such a great feeling to see it look like a real garden again!
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