Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pinterest Tuesday Idea

One of the first Pinterest ideas I decided to try was the toilet paper roll seed starters. While this idea is great in theory, I think I did a few things wrong. Below is the photo I saw to get my inspiration. Perfect little seedlings in a clean looking display.

Looks easy enough, right?

Below is my photo. Yes, mine are much messier, and growing nowhere near as even and perfect as the photo above. I planted eggplant, butternut squash, pole beans, (and tomatoes in the plastic pots). I only had 4 eggplant and 6 butternut squash sprout in the rolls, that was it.

A few things I think I did wrong that I will change if I try this again for my 2013 Garden:

*Watering was difficult because I had the rolls in a cardboard box. I watered often, usually with a spray bottle. But if it was nice out I would give them a better soak and let them sit in the sun. However, the bottoms of the rolls and box ended up getting moldy, yuck! I was happy to get it out of my living room window.

*When I went to transplant into the garden I thought it would be simple. However, I forgot about the 'hardening off' that is supposed to take place. So I lost 3 of my eggplant and 4 of my squash. Hopefully the other little guys will make it. I just thought it would be nice to have some early squash.

*Planting too early may have also been a problem. We started getting beautiful weather really early this spring. I can't remember exactly when I planted my seedlings but it was way too early...

*Location. I do not have a good location for full-day, south sun, or any sun really coming into the house. Next year I need to find a better location... or buy a mini-portable greenhouse that I can wheel in and out of the garage in the spring.

*Soil. I don't think I had enough seed starting soil in my rolls. Will add to the top next year to ensure the sun/heat is getting to every little seed.
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