Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost Back!

Spring is so, so, so close. We have had a few weekends of almost perfect weather followed by weeks of colder more spring/winter weather.  But I will be ready when spring weather is finally here!

So far I have my fall onions and garlic popping out of the ground about 6 inches. I have small rhubarb leaves sprouting out. I also have tomato, butternut squash and spinach seeds sprouting in my living room window. 

I have my entire garden planned out and only need to purchase a few things to be fully ready. I need to build a few trellises. We will also be getting lilacs, mountain ash, and black walnut trees this month!

I've been gathering more and more gardening ideas from books and Pinterest. Almost obsessively... Some ideas about compaion, container, and vertical gardening. I am excited to try these and post how each works!
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