Saturday, January 21, 2012

It started snowing... so I started thinking about gardening!

It's going to be a long winter... We've had such a mild winter, until last week. I was not ready for the cold snap. Tonight it started snowing and we are forecasted to get 1-3 inches over night, 1-3 inches tomorrow, and 1-3 inches tomorrow night! So that's a total of 3-9 inches?! That is a very big difference in my mind.

Anyway, as I was driving home I started thinking about: potting soil, and vertical gardening ideas, where I'm getting my seeds, which seeds and plants and I'm going to plant, if my apple trees will grow well this year, how the peach pits I planted are going to grow or if they are going to at all, do I need to take down any more trees, what should I add to my garden soil, what can I buy to help my garden, how much fencing do I need this year since expanding the garden, how many more projects can I start!?  Good thing I have a fairly long drive from town to my house!

I'm going to make my newest to do list in a couple weeks and get my stuff in order.
It was just funny that the threat of a few inches of snow rejuvenated my gardening energy.

I don't see many blue jays in the summer but in the winter they stick pretty close to the house and bird feeders.
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