Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Butter & Oil

I ended up with some great dill ideas! The main technique I wanted to try was drying. I just don't have enough time this week to dry all the dill so I went with plan B and plan C. As a family we eat dill on a few things. Cole likes pickes (not happening this year), Jeremy and I use it in omelets and egg bake, and we have used it with fish. Drying it would have made much more sense... but not making sense and having more time just aren't always compatible!

I decided with these: Dill Butter and Dill Oil.  Basic, easy, quick, versatile, and tasty. The dill was in the basement over night and had already started to get limp so I had to work tonight. Yay...

To prep the dill:
1) Lay flat.
2) Start at the bottom of each plant and prune small stems into a container.
3) Pick off leaves, discarding rough, thick, and tough stems. I repeated this step just to make sure I didn't get any random stems in my dill.
4) Rinse (gently). I used 2 colanders so not to wash any down the sink!
5) Lay dill flat on cloth or paper towel. Pat dry.
6) Place back into container.
7) Using a knife or your hands break dill apart into smaller pieces. Pick out any stems and discard.

Now that you have the nice fresh herb here are 2 ideas!

Dill Oil
(Adapted slightly from preservingourharvest.com)
Yield: 2 cups

(I still can't get my pictures to flippin flip!)

1) Place just over 1/2 c dill in large open mouth jar. (labeled for identification)
2) Using a wooden or plastic spoon press gently against dill to release flavor.
3) Add 1 cup extra virgin olive oil.
4) Using the spoon gently stir and press against dill.
5) Add 1 cup extra virgin olive oil.
Repeat 4
6) Tightly seal jar.
7) Place jar in sunny window for 2 weeks. Swirl jar gently, daily or every other day.
8) Slowly strain dill oil into jar through cheese cloth or tight strainer.
9) Storing tips: keep oil in dark cupboard or cabinet. Shelf life is approximately 6 months.

* I thought about adding minced garlic to both the oil and butter... maybe next year!

Dill Butter
Yield: 2 cups

1) Place 2 cups butter in small sauce pan until melted.
2) Put approximately 1/2 c in freezer safe container (with lid).
3) Using the spoon gently stir and press against dill.

4) Carefully pour melted butter into bowl with dill.
5) Mix well.
6) Allow to cool.
7) Freeze.

* I don't have an exact idea for how long the butter will be good for in the freezer... I'm guessing it will be fine for 6 months to 1 year.
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