Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Projects Update!

After slacking on the gardening for a couple weeks I finally got busy. With the boys gone for a few days and having a nice weekend I feel like I was very productive!

Project 2 - Vegetable Garden - Wow, it has taken off! We have awesome potatoes, lettuce, corn and zucchini.  We will have lots of onions and garlic too! The beans aren't doing well, the dill is taking off a little slow and the carrots are completely non-existent. A few glitches this year, but its our first year and most everything is coming up!

Garden: from the southeast corner.
Project 10 - Maintenance. I've been lucky this summer to have some very nice hot/humid/sunny days and some nice rainy days. I have only had to turn the sprinkler onto the garden once. There are tomatoes and peppers in pots that I've watered occasionally. But for the most part it has been easy to maintain when I don't have to do much! Of course the weeds were another story...

Pretty lettuce.

Project 12 - Weed, weed, weed. My legs hurt from squatting... aka: weeding. I purposely did not take a picture of my previously messy garden because it was terrible. It looks much better now but I remember I mentioned those nice days and rainy days?! Yep, my weeds loved them as much as my vegetables. I had crazy grasses and little trees ready to take over my garden space.

Project 13 - Beans. Posts and strings are up and the beans that did sprout. The little beans are crawling their way up the strings and posts nicely! 
Climbing beans.

Project 14 - Herbs. New herbs are planted, not sure how well they will end up. I may harvest these to dry them sooner than later... My indoor basil is doing great, and I have lots of it now. Looking forward to using that in the kitchen.

Project 15 - Potatoes. Re-mounded and added compost. I'm starting to get flowers on a few plants so now I have to make sure I know when to harvest. So excited for the potatoes!

Potato Patch

Zucchini plants
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