Tuesday, April 26, 2011


SO EXCITED!! Again, yes, but not the point. I'm amazed at how exciting seeds in the mail can be. So either I'm getting old, I'm easily entertained, or both! Today's fun came in the form of Stevia and Spearmint. I can honestly say that the seeds were in my house for hmmmm... 1 hour before I planted them, outside in the rain. (I also planted lavender and marigolds but those are outside.)

The Window Garden
 (Stevia x2, Sweet Marjoram, Spearmint)
So the reasoning behind the Stevia and Spearmint?? I am currently watching my sugar intake for health reasons and have started slowly trying to make things from scratch and organically. This, of course, is a lot more time consuming but so much better for us and tastier. Truvia sells in the grocery for $4-$5 for a small container. This summer instead of making Lipton tea pre-sweetened with sugar or Nutra Sweet/Equal (not good for you) I will have Stevia leaves to add to an organic tea.  Stevia leaves are 30 times sweeter than sugar, and natural-organic! I also have great plans to use the Spearmint for homemade ice cream, but that is a story for another blog! 

My Stevia

My Spearmint
The name tags in these herbs were made from English muffin bag closures.
I just can't stand to throw them away... came in handy!

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