Saturday, April 16, 2011

Recycled Tank Scarf

I've been looking for ways to reuse some clothing items that I don't think anyone would want (even for free).  There are boxes in my basement of clothes that I wore for years before losing weight. Things that are stretched out, out of shape and just, well, old.

Last week I was forwarded a link: It is an awesome tutorial on how to make a t-shirt scarf. I decided to use tank tops.Tank tops are stretchier than t-shirts so it was a little harder to sew straight. So I modified it a bit. I added a few beads I've had for years (to cover up my stitching) and didn't do fringes on the ends. Next time I will definitely make the scarf longer but this was a great first project and gave me some great ideas for giving my old clothes new purpose!

Fall colors were my mood for last night. Probably because we were getting snow...

Part of my little sewing kit.

I ended up blocking the colors together. But for the next scarf I'll probably follow the tutorial a bit closer and alternate. These blocks arent' exact so just look a little messy.

My 'fancy' bead work. Ha!

Finished Product

I am also happy to say that both me and the sewing machine survived!
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