Friday, December 17, 2010

Back Thru The Future

Recycling is not always free, but worth it!
Back Thru the Future does CD, DVD, and computer hard drives.
The only cost is shipping.
The post office does have standard shipping boxes that I think are well worth the shipping price.
At work we have a CD shredder that I use now for all work, other agency and personal shredding of CD's and DVD's. Last year we sent in one box of shredded CD/DVD's . There were over 400 CD's! These could have been in the garbage for hundreds of years, we really have no idea how long they will last in a landfill environment.
Since our first shipement I have been collecting disks that come in the mail, old CD computer games and other disks from other agencies in my building and am getting really close to sending our second box. I am hoping to get other agencies at work to join in and assist with the collection of CD's and DVD's, but we'll see how that goes!

Above are pictures of the final product! We put everything in a plastic bag becasue the edges are sharp from the shredding. Not sure there was be a way to re-use the CD's at this point for anythign fun because they are so sharp. We send them in the boxes shredded for security purposes but they will also accept full CD/DVD's and shred them for you.

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