Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pinterest Tuesday Idea

I've seen quite a few 'pins' dealing with homemade cleaners. I've been nervous to try these only because I don't want to destroy my counter tops, rags, etc.  By purchasing natural products I felt like I was doing enough... However, natural products are expensive. Worth it, but more expensive than their chemical filled opponents. 

During my past few weeks of the pregnancy I have been craving oranges, lemons, basically any fruit.  So when I saw a homemade orange vinegar cleaner on Pinterest I knew the time was right to take the plunge and try it. 

Now, most of my Pinterest boards are things that I 'want' to do. Only about 5% of the pins have been attempted.  This time I'm going to give you the idea and try it at the same time.  The pin I chose is from the blog ourfunwithfive.blogspot.com.  She gives straight forward directions and recipe on how to make the Orange Vinegar Cleaner.

Vinegar + Oranges

The vinegar is already starting to change color.

I left my jar in the window.
I will summarize what I did to follow the directions.

Put orange peels in a jar (used an old Ragu jar)
Pour vinegar in jar (leaving room to add more peels later this week)
Leave jar for 2 weeks
Strain orange peels and pour the orange infused vinegar in a spray bottle for easy use.
Mix 50/50 with water. (more or less depending on your preference)

Use in the kitchen, bathroom, or other basic household areas.
For wood paneling: use mixture of 1/2c olive oil, 1/2c vinegar and 2c warm water.
For wood furniture: use 1/8c of vinegar in spray bottle, 2c warm water. Shake gently to mix. Wipe away with clean dry towel.
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