Monday, June 6, 2011

Lake Seibel

Our pond is something I have been thinking about every day... mainly because I see it every day!  I have thrown in 2 mosquito pellets and 2 bunches of barley straw. The pellets to get rid of some of the mosquitos and the straw to get rid of the nasty green algae. 

The pond was dug out by the original owners to make an "ice skating pond". I'm not sure what it looked like before it was made but it is pretty much an eye-sore to me. The pond brings in lots of wildlife which is about the only good thing about it. From what we can tell it was never dug clean so there is literally prairie-type grasses growing in the bottom of the pond. There are small branches, leaves, bark, grass and dirt in the pond which helps create the algae.  We'll have to see but this might be one of the 5-year-projects...

Ideas for pond:

1. fill in with dirt removed (2 piles of dirt in woods that the previous owners used to originally create pond)
2. treat for nasty algae and leave alone
3. add floating flowers and lillies
4. buy koi to live in the pond
5. landscape around the pond
6. partially fill in pond, will be shallow but more 'swampy'
7. add cattails
8. spray with water weekly to 'move water'
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